About Us

The Don Club is the creation of a dream. Don comes from the Latin “Dominus”, that means Lord, it was used as an honorific before the name (not the surname) of members of nobility. Since I was young I always dreamt of joining the famous Midnight Club. During COVID-19 pandemic I realized we all could lose our lives in the span of seconds, making me realize it was time to chase my dreams. The goal of The Don Club is to bring back life into car culture. Since the 90's car culture has died out, now it consists of kids talking about Lamborghini's and sports cars, but not the art and culture behind motor vehicles. The Don Club has much to offer. It consists of 3 positions: Racers, Managers, and the best of them all, Dons. Racers are street racers that want a potential career in racing, and a way to earn money from racing. Racers have to go through an application process, then are required to try out. If you were to make in as a racer you would be racing against other street racer, and street racing teams. However, this is not the only way to race with the Dons. The Don Club holds races which any street racers can race in. Managers, are Don Club employees, which you can work your way up to from racer, or apply as an employee from the beginning. Finally, The Dons, given a custom pinky ring, with our logo on it, Dons are made up of two categories, members and vostos. As we expand, we will have different people run different teams all over the world, those are the vostos. Vostos are hand selected by the president of the club and is a very difficult position to earn in The Don Club. The other way to become a Don is to become a member, with an annual fee just like any other private clubs, you can have the chance to become a Don. Keep in mind that The Don Club it is a luxury car club, therefore becoming a member is not a cheap option. The other way to become a member is if, and only if, invited to become a member by the president of the club, in which no fees are to be paid. All Dons are gifted a custom ring with the logo embedded into it. The other components of The Don Club consist of a Social Media Marketing Agency that specializes in cars. We also work in the exotic car industry, take a look at what we have, or make a special order.

We want to build a lifelong brother hood and connect those who share the love of the art and culture of street cars.

"Primo Celeritatem Felicitatis Libertatisque"